Relationship property


Whether you’re starting a new relationship, are happily together or ending one, protecting your personal and business assets is important to your future wellbeing. But this can be sensitive, complex, and emotionally charged.

Our team of relationship property lawyers are experts in helping you navigate this. Our in-depth understanding of the Property (Relationships) Act and all its complexities, coupled with our empathic and customised approach means we help you make confident, informed decisions.

Whether you’re looking to protect your assets in a new relationship, or divide them when you separate, we can help you find a solution you’re happy with.

We’re experts in

  • Relationship property agreements (matrimonial and de facto) concerning assets
  • Pre-nuptial (or ’Contracting Out’) agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • General advice on relationship break-downs and structuring the division of assets

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